Anxiety is a tricky beast. It can be paralyzing and make you feel just downright awful. Luckily, cannabis can help. Different types of cannabis affect anxiety differently. So, to help you find which type works best for you, here are 5 strains you need to try if you have anxiety.

1. Cannatonic

5 strains you need anxiety 1 5 Strains You Should Try If You Suffer From Anxiety
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Cannatonic is a reliable high-CBD strain. Both THC and CBD have anxiety-relieving properties, but CBD is thought to be the most reliable of the two cannabinoids. When THC is consumed in high doses, it can actually trigger anxiety symptoms in some people. So, having a high CBD strain handy can help you avoid that situation altogether.

The THC in Cannatonic is less than 6%, while the CBD content hovers between 6 and 17%. This strain will help you feel happy and relaxed without producing a buzz. A great option for daytime use.

2. Sour Tsunami

5 strains you need anxiety 2 5 Strains You Should Try If You Suffer From Anxiety
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Sour Tsunami is the next high-CBD strain on the list. It’s CBD content stays around 10%, while its THC content ranges from 6 to 7%. This strain is a powerful stress-buster. It calms your mind and produces a very clear-headed pleasant sensation. Sour Tsunami is also great for fending off depression, so if you suffer from both depression and anxiety, you might want to give the Tsunami a try.

3. One To One

5 strains you need anxiety 3 5 Strains You Should Try If You Suffer From Anxiety
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One To One is a unique strain. It features a specific 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, making it incredibly therapeutic. Regardless of the total percentages of each cannabinoid, they will always be about equal. One To One produces a very mellow buzz without substantial psychoactive effects.

Your mind and your body will feel calm and relaxed, but you’ll still have the energy needed to go about your daily activities. This is a great choice for those who need a little extra help for getting through the workday.

4. Cinex

5 strains you need anxiety 4 5 Strains You Should Try If You Suffer From Anxiety
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Typically you want to avoid sativas if you suffer from anxiety. Cinex is an exception. This mild sativa hybrid produces very happy, mellow, and uplifting effects. It’s a very clear-headed and energizing strain, but it’s far less speedy than other common sativas out there.

Cinex does not typically cause paranoia, but you may find yourself breaking into giggle fits every once in a while.  If you’re a sativa fan but suffer from anxiety, this mellow lady is the strain for you. The THC content in Cinex can reach 22%.

5. Northern Lights

5 strains you need anxiety 5 5 Strains You Should Try If You Suffer From Anxiety
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Northern Lights is a powerful indica. If you find that THC works best for your anxiety, indicas are typically the way to go. Sativas tend to be very energizing, which might cause you to feel a little too stimulated. Indicas, on the other hand, are extremely sedative.

If you need something that will calm you down quick, Northern Lights will do the trick. When your anxiety keeps you up at night, this strain will help you drift off into a deep, blissful sleep. The THC percentage of this strain is about 18%.

Everyone reacts differently to cannabis. Some with anxiety find that psychoactive THC helps them the most. Others swear by high-CBD strains. These 5 strains are a great jumping off point if you’re just getting started with medical cannabis. Even experienced users will find delightful relief with these strains.