1. Raw fish as a cure for asthma

fish cure - Source: timesunion.comSource: timesunion.com

While humans evolved from fish, we approach the representatives of our aquatic predecessors to cure  a disease. The Bathini Goud Brothers in Hyderabad uses a fish medicine to cure your asthma and respiratory ailments. The method involves dipping a live fish in a home-made concoction called ‘fish prasadam’ which is then swallowed by the patient.

2. Sand burial to cure infertility

sand burial - Source: washingtonpost.comSource: washingtonpost.com

It’s in Egypt that sand burial is an acknowledged method to cure rheumatism, joint pains and even infertility. The patient is buried up to his neck in the scorching sands of the desert and that’s all there is to it!

3. Rubber neti- for nasal cleaning

Rubber neti - Source: ntlworld.comSource: ntlworld.com

Slip a waxed cotton string into your nose and then take it out through your mouth-yup, that’s the way clean your nasal passages according to yoga. This yoga technique  originated in India and is still practised in various parts of the country. Now, before you reach for that cotton string, let it be known that this technique should be tried only under professional guidance.

4. Railway therapy- for a multitude of ailments

Railway therapy - Source: ibtimes.comSource: ibtimes.com

Something that’s not recommended in India for obvious reasons. But, in Indonesia it’s believed that lying down on railway tracks is the one-shot cure for all types of diseases. Apparently, some people believe that the electricity in the tracks will help cure the diseases. The idea of those railway lines being electrified sounds highly doubtful though.

5. Frogs and rats to cure indigestion

frog - Source: educationalservice.netSource: educationalservice.net

Jiang Musheng is a 66 year old Chinese citizen who found a unique-and revolting way to cure his indigestion. In fact, the method he used is probably the last thing that one would think of for a better internal climate in the tummy- Musheng consumed frogs and rats and claimed that it reduced his intestinal issues. Ever since he discovered this method, mice and green frogs are a regular part of his diet.

6. The mud bath that cures everything from acne to rheumatism

mud bath - Source: the worldthru4eyes.meSource: the worldthru4eyes.me

Mother earth is the greatest healer- a sentiment that has been voiced in many forms by poets down the ages. Ancient cultures of different places in the world also relied heavily on approaching nature directly, seeking alleviation of diseases. In the current times, in Peru a facet of this tradition is very much alive- a mud bath which supposedly cures almost everything.

7. Bee venom for life threatening ailments

Bee venom - Source: japantimes.co.jpSource: japantimes.co.jp

A bee sting isn’t the most desirable of tactile sensations. In fact, it’s one that people go out of their way(literally) to avoid. However, in China acupuncture clinics are frequented by people looking for a cure for cancer and arthritis. They get bee venom treatment for tackling such dangerous illnesses.

8. Puppy therapy to beat depression

puppy therapy - Source: charmingtrinity.wordpress.comSource: charmingtrinity.wordpress.com

Spending time with your pet is an excellent stress-buster, something which anyone who has had the privilege of having pets would know only too well. As a testimony to the enduring power of the pet-human relationship are the studies conducted in the US which show that dog therapy is indeed the best method to deal with stress. And yes, this isn’t cringe-worthy.

While it’s important to take care of your health and well-being, it’s equally crucial to ensure that the cure is scientific. Amusing as many of the entries in this list may be, they are still not to be tried, unless recommended by a medical practitioner.