Wondering which cannabis candies you should pick up from a dispensary? These 11 cannabis-infused candies are some of the best on the market right now. Though, not all candies are available in each medical or recreational state. Every state has its own top candy brands. But, if you stumble across any of these goodies, they’re worth a taste! 

1. Cheeba Chews

Infused Candies 1 11 Best Cannabis Infused Candies On The Market
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Cheeba Chews are sort of like an ultra-potent cannabis Tootsie Roll. They’re available in Colorado, Nevada, and California. The candies come in a variety of doses. You can buy a pack of 8 single dose (10mg THC) chews in Colorado recreational shops.

A single chew for a medical cannabis patient can have up to 70mg of THC. They are available in indica, sativa, hybrid, and high-CBD varieties. Cheeba Chew also makes infused caramels and gummies.

2. Medicated Gummy Leaves

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The Marijuana & Munchies Medicated Gummy Leaf made it on to the High Times list for Best Edibles of 2015.

When put to the High Times test, these colorful little marijuana leaf candies were packed with 14.2mg of THC per candy. That’s a big psychoactive punch for such a little treat. Overall, the flavor of these gummies is quite nice, with only a slight BHO aftertaste.

3. Dixie Mints

Infused Candies 3 11 Best Cannabis Infused Candies On The Market
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Dixie Elixirs has a wide variety of cannabis products. Many of them are available in different states, including Oregon, Colorado, California, and Arizona. One of their signature products is infused mints. They often contain 5 or 10mg of THC a piece and come in flavors like orange zest, peppermint, and mixed berry.

Their Synergy Mints product contains an even ratio of THC to CBD, making it especially appealing to many medical patients.

4. Chill Pills

Infused Candies 4 11 Best Cannabis Infused Candies On The Market
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The Growing Kitchen offers cannabis-infused hard candies in the form of Chill Pills. Each candy contains 5mg of THC and they come in packs of 10. They also offer a high CBD variety as well. Chill Pills are made with all natural ingredients. Unlike many edibles out there, they’re also vegan and gluten free.

You can find Growing Kitchen products in Colorado. Both medical and recreational shops carry Chill Pills and several other Growing Kitchen products. Flavors include Honey Lemon, Blueberry, and Spearmint. All of their products are lab tested.

5. Cannabis Quencher

Cannabis Quencher is a hard candy brand owned by VCC Brands. VCC manufactures several cannabis products, including teas, chocolates, baked goods, and honey sticks. Cannabis Quencher candies are available in California and are pretty darn potent. These hard candies contain a whopping 25mg per two pack.

Cannabis Quencher also manufactures infused beverages, which are available in both California and Washington.

6. 4.20 Minis

Infused Candies 6 11 Best Cannabis Infused Candies On The Market
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4.20 Bar chocolates is another brand under the VCC umbrella. In Washington State, cannabis lovers can enjoy chocolate minis. These are tasty bites that come in 100mg packs. Each square contains 10mg each.

Distributed by Evergreen Herbal, you can find these chocolate products at both recreational and medical access points. They also have products tailored toward people on special diets.

7. Bhang CBD Gum

Infused Candies 7 11 Best Cannabis Infused Candies On The Market
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How often do you find a chewing gum that can relieve pain and calm you down? Bhang CBD Chewing Gum is a product of the Bhang Chocolate Company. Each piece contains 10mg of CBD and the gum is sold in 8 piece packs.

As you can probably guess from the company name, Bhang also makes delicious infused chocolate products. Their chewy chocolate truffles are also popular products. Their chocolate contains THC.

8. Fruit Slabs Fruit Leather

Infused Candies 8 11 Best Cannabis Infused Candies On The Market
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Fruit Slabs infused fruit leather is another California product that made it onto the High Times Best Edibles list. Their fruit leathers come in two packs, and each one contains 50mg of THC. So, you’ll either want to cut these up or be prepared for a trippy edibles experience.

The cool thing about these treats? They are great for pretty much any special diet. They’re also made with all organic fruit. You can find their leathers in flavors like Mango Maui Wowie and Mango OG Kush.

9. Remedy Plus Gummies

Infused Candies 9 11 Best Cannabis Infused Candies On The Market
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For those of you with an old-school gummy candy sweet tooth, you’ll love RemedyPlus. This company offers all of the classics, including Space Worms, OG Apple Rings, Rainbow Belts, and Moon Rocks hard candies.

They average about 15mg of THC per candy, though the dosage largely depends on the product. You can find RemedyPlus candies in California.

10. YiLow Lollies

Infused Candies 10 11 Best Cannabis Infused Candies On The Market
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Let’s not leave Arizonans out of the mix. YiLo provides medical cannabis consumers with a wealth of options. From actual cannabis flower to topicals to infused drinks and edibles.

For those looking for a quick and easy way to medicate, YiLo Lollies have a whopping 60mg of THC per candy. They also come in three different flavors, like lemon, fruit punch, and root beer.

11. Punch Combo

Infused Candies 11 11 Best Cannabis Infused Candies On The Market
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The Punch Combos from Punch Edibles are little chocolate and peanut butter bites. Some of these treats also contain fun ingredients like jelly and caramel.

One pack of these treats contains 4 bites. Altogether, there is an impressive 225mg of active cannabinoids in each box. Punch Edible products are widely distributed around California.

Of course, you can always make your own edible candies with your favorite strain. For info on how to DIY some similar treats, check out the article here

What’s your favorite edible candy?